Friday, October 23, 2015

Henry M. Hogan

Henry M. Hogan (1829-May 12, 1856)

Epitaph reads:

"A tribute to my brother, who was assassinated May 12,1856." 

Other inscription reads:

 "Think not that I am dead, by being out off from Earth's wickedness, I live in heaven."

According to the May 13, 1856 edition of the Sacramento Union, it states that on the 7th of May a "misunderstanding occurred at Henry Hogan's ranch between two men, named R. M. Stone and H. M. Hogan, in regard to some business matters, during which Stone drew a dirk-bladed knife and inflicted two serious stabs on Hogan -- the first in the upper region of the heart, and the latter in the thigh." -- 

I will continue my research into this story, to bring to light more information in regards to the circumstances of the argument between Hogan and Stone, as well as what happened to Stone after murdering Hogan. 

 (Copyright 2014, Updated 2017- J'aime Rubio,
Sources: Henry Hogan's epitaph, at Stockton Rural Cemetery
Photo: Copyright- J'aime Rubio (2013)

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